Allah’s signs: The parable of a sick dog.

Throughout people’s lives, from
childhood until the time they die,
signs of the one and only true
God are shown to them in all
regions of the earth and in their
own souls, until it becomes clear
that there is only one true God
(Allah). God says in the Qur’an
“We will show them our
signs In the furthest regions
(of the earth) and in their
souls, until it becomes clear
to them that this is the
truth.” [Qur’an 41:53]
The following is an example of
God revealing by a sign to one
man the error of his idol-
worship. In the south-eastern
region of the Amazon jungle in
Brazil, South America, a primitive
tribe erected a new hut to house
their man-idol Skwatch,
representing the supreme God of
all creation. The following day a
young man entered the hut to
pay homage to the God, and
while he was in prostration to
what he had been taught was
his Creator and Sustainer, a
mangy old flea-ridden dog slunk
into the hut. The young man
looked up in time to see the dog
lift his hind leg and pass urine on
the idol.
Outraged, the youth chased the
dog out of the temple; but when
his rage died down he realized
that the idol could not be the
Lord of the Universe. God must
be elsewhere, he concluded. As
strange as it may seem, the dog
urinated on the idol was a sign
from God for that young man.
This sign contained the divine
message that what he was
worshipping was false. It
liberated from slavishly following
his traditionally learned worship
of a false god. As a result, this
man was given a choice: either
to seek the true god or to
continue in the error of his ways.
Allah mentions Prophet
Abraham’s quest for God as an
example of how those who
follow His signs will be rightly
“So also did we show
Abraham the power and the
Laws of the heavens and the
earth that he might (with
understanding) have
When the night covered him
over, he saw a star. He said:
‘This is my Lord.’ But when it
set, he said: ‘I love not those
that set’
When he saw the moon
rising in splendor, he said:
‘This is my Lord.’ But when
the moon set, he said:
‘Unless my Lord guide me, I
shall surely be among those
who go astray.’
When he saw the rising sun
in splendor, he said:
‘This is my Lord this is the
greatest (of all).’ But when
the sun set, he said; ‘O my
people I am indeed free
from your (guilt) of giving
partners to Allah.
For me, I have set my face,
firmly and truly, towards Him
who created the heavens
and the earth, and never
shall I give partners to
Allah” [Qur’an 6:75-79]
As was mentioned earlier,
prophets have been sent to every
nation and tribe to support
man’s natural belief in God and
man’s in-born inclination to
worship Him, as well as to
reinforce the divine truth in the
daily signs revealed by God.
Although much of these
prophets’ teachings became
distorted, portions revealing
their God-inspired messages
have remained untainted and
have served to guide mankind in
the choice between right and
wrong. The influence of God-
inspired messages down
through the ages can be seen in
the “Ten Commandments” of
Judaism’s Torah which were later
adopted into Christianity’s
teachings, as well as in the
existence of laws against
murder, stealing and adultery in
most societies throughout the
ancient and modern world.
As a result of God’s signs to
mankind through the ages
combined with His revelation
through His prophets, all
mankind has been given a
chance to recognize the one only
true God.
Consequently, every soul will be
held accountable for its belief in
God and its acceptance of the
true religion of God, namely
Islam, which means total
submission to the will of Allah.


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