Heart Talks

Here are a few scientific facts related to the heart:

  1. The heart begins beating at four weeks after conception and does not stop until death.
  2. Every day, the heart creates enough energy to drive a truck 20 miles. In a lifetime, that is equivalent to driving to the moon and back.
  3. Because the heart has its own electrical impulse, it can continue to beat even when separated from the body, as long as it has an adequate supply of oxygen.
  4. Grab a tennis ball and squeeze it tightly: that’s how hard the beating heart works to pump blood.
  5. Dr Andrew Armour, a neurologist from Montreal, Canada, discovered a small but complex network of neurons in the heart, which he has dubbed ‘the little brain in the heart’. These neurons seem to be capable of both short and long-term memory.
  6. The heart’s brain is composed of an elaborate network of neurons, 

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